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Footprints in the SnowHoliday Lights in the City ParkHoliday Lights in the ParkDaybreak at Sar-Kar AglowHoliday Sunrise ReflectionsDay's First LightLenexa Holiday ReflectionsDaybreak at Sar-Kar Aglow-01Daybreak at Sar-Kar Aglow-02Daybreak at Sar-Kar Aglow-03Daybreak at Sar-Kar Aglow-04Daybreak at Sar-Kar Aglow-05Daybreak at Sar-Kar Aglow-06Daybreak at Sar-Kar Aglow-07Daybreak at Sar-Kar Aglow-08Daybreak at Sar-Kar Aglow-09Ducks Celebrating the HolidaysHoliday Light ReflectionsHoliday Lights at Sar-Ko-Par Trails ParkNew Day Dawning