Autumn Colors in Loose Park1Autumn Colors in Loose Park2Autumn Foliage in Loose ParkAutumn Vibrancy in Loose Park3Autumn at Bridge in Loose ParkAutumn Walkway in Loose ParkAutumn at the Pond in the Antioch ParkAutumn Bench in the Antioch ParkAutumn in Union Hill Cemetery1Autumn in Union Hill Cemetery2Autumn in Union Hill Cemetery3Autumn Lakeview at Antioch ParkAutumn Reflections in Antioch ParkAutumn Reflections in Loose Park2Autumn Reflections in Loose Park3Autumn Splendor in Antioch ParkAutumn Tranquility in the Antioch ParkAutumn Walkway in Antioch ParkLiberty Memorial through Fall FoliageLiberty Memorial through Fall Foliage1